Чит коды к игре Crackdown 2 

Чит коды к игре Crackdown 2


Orb locator:
Press UP on the D-Pad to get a glimpsse of the nearby orbs on your mini-map. To
get a larger view of orb locations, pause the game the unpause and press UP

Quacker Duck Grenades:
After you've unlocked the Funland Carnival on the island southwest of the Agency
tower, you can find sticky Quaker Duck grenades at the Chuck's Ducks booth.

Huge toilet:
Get a level 5 in agility. Then get a helicopter and fly over the Agency tower
until you see a large, open pipe. Jump down the pipe and use your wingsuit to
fly to the bottom to find a huge toilet filled with rubber ducks.

Автор: demolord от 22.07.2010

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