» » Чит коды к игре Avernum Escape from the Pit

Чит коды к игре Avernum Escape from the Pit 

Чит коды к игре Avernum Escape from the PitЧит коды к игре Avernum Escape from the Pit



Press [Ctrl] + D during game play then enter one of the following codes.

Effect                                              Code

Return to Fort Avernum                            - backtostart
All characters no longer appear on automap        - dontshowmeall
Character editor                                  - editor
All areas forget most of your crimes              - forgiveme
Display frame rate                                - fps
Main character gets cake                          - giveasnack
Recharge spell energy                             - iamdrained
500 coins                                         - iampoor
Learn info from the dragon Athron if already dead - ikilledathron
Get experience                                    - iwanttobestronger
Each characters gets multiple blessings           - leetbuffz
Heals and cures your group                        - ouchouchouch
Cures characters suffering from mental effects;
removes death curse                               - owmybrains
Return all boats to starting positions; boats
previously purchased will no longer be your
property                                          - resetboats
All characters appear on automap                  - showmeall

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