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Чит код для игры Heroes of Might and Magic 5 

You need to alter the game's autoexec, so you might want to make a back up of
your Might and Magic 5 autoexec file before you mess up your FAT. Go to
gamedir\profiles\autoexec.cfg and open the file using Notepad. Put this line as
the final line in the autoexec so it will trigger during game boot-up:

setvar dev_console_password = schwinge-des-todes

The file will look something like this:

// Startup
setvar dev_console_password = schwinge-des-todes

Or you can enable console for only the selected profile by appending same line
at end of user.cfg in C:\Documents and Settings\YourWinAcc\My Documents\My
Games\Heroes of Might and Magic V\Profiles\YourProfile.

Following this, you can use some cheats in the game. Press tilde key [~] to
bring down console. If it doesn't work for you because you don't have the key on
your keyboard, or can't find it because of foreign layout, whatever, you can
always edit input.cfg in your user profile dir and change/add:

//debug keys bind show_console '`'

and substitute the tilde symbol with something you have on your freakin'
keyboard. The basic thing the dev console does is to tell you what the game AI
has been doing last turn. Now, to cheats themselves.

add_skill [SkillID] - The add_skill cheat requires a skill-id or name as a
parameter, so you need to find list of all 150 skills/perks/abilities names and
their ids in data\data.pak\scripts\advmap-startup.lua.

HoMM 5 pak files are pkzip archives and you can access that lua scipt file using
WINRAR or WINZIP to unpack the files to a directory somewhere. On a side note,
unpacking all packs will speed things up since game will access uncompressed
data instead of looking in archives. You can even delete the file packs after
that, but you'd better move them somewhere else and keep them since upcoming
patches might modify the archive files or make use of a user-preferred file
override system.

Anyway, back to the cheat. So, syntaxes for add_skill would be:

add_skill Necromancy

- or -

add_skill 19

Pretty self-explanatory. The first names the skill being added, the second names
the skill number (from the lua file) to be added. In the second example, skill
#19 corresponds to pathfinding. It seems you can add skills over the limit --
like, more than 6 skills. However, you won't see such skills diplayed in the
user interface (UI), but these skills will bestow you benefits.

add_army town [nTownID], [bUpgrade] - Will fill all hero army slots with then
creatures of the town id specified. The second parameter is 0 or 1 which
controls whether creatures are from upgraded dwellings or not.

Some town ids:

Usage would be:

add_army 5, 0

Which Will fill all hero army slots with ten basic inferno creatures, whereas:

add_army 4, 1

will fill hero army slots with ten upgraded Necro creatures.

add_all_spells - Gives all spells to currently selected hero. Bypasses all
skills reqs, for usage also.

set_hero_luck_morale [nLuck] [nMorale] - Sets luck and morale base values for
current hero.

show_player_money [playernumber] - This outputs resource quantities of specified
player into the console. This lets you spy on the game AI.

show_hero_mp - Shows detailed movement point stats for currently selected hero.
The exact quantity, stats for currently plotted path(how many points it'll

add_exp [quantity] - Adds quantity experience (XP) to currently selected hero.

clear_money - Sets all your resources to 0

add_gold [quantity] - Sets current gold to quantity (must be an integer) but
zeroes out other resources.

add_money [quantity] - Sets all resources except gold to quantity and sets gold
to quantity multiplied by a factor of 1000.

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