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Чит код для игры Dawn of Discovery 

Rename your ship to one of the following names to get ten gems and an

 Ghost Ship
 Heart of Gold
 Red Five
 USS Enterprise
 Basin City
 BonanzaCreek (will also give you title of "Cheater")

Set the system date to any of the following to get ten gems, an achievement,
and the title.

April 14th   : "Anno 1404 fan" title.
March 15th   : "1503 A.D. fan" title
February 16th: "1602 A.D. fan" title
January 17th : "1701 A.D. fan" title

Special Achievements:

• Start a game between 3:00 to 05:00 a.m. in the morning to get ten gems
  an achievement.
• Play the game on November 11th at 11:11 a.m. to get ten gems and an
• You can earn other achievements by doing the following tasks.
• Build 1000 peasant houses in a game.
• Play a continuous game for 24 hours.
• Take more than 500 screenshots.
• Spend 1 hour in Post Card view.
• Play 2 hours in close camera perspective.
• Play 10 hours in medium camera perspective.
• Play 20 hours in distant camera perspective.
• Pause the world 250 times.
• Destroy 2500 enemy ships.
• Accelerate the game for one hour.

Joke cheat:

Name your city "BonanzaCreek" and a message will appear stating that there
are no cheats in the game. You will get the title of "Cheater", earn the
"Cheater" achievement, and get ten diamonds.

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